Rory Spillane is a Long Island-born, New York City-based actor, collaborator, and theater maker. He is about to complete his B.A in Acting in Pace University’s International Performance Ensemble. These past few years, Rory has been busy making Theatre with his classmates ,appearing in productions at Pace and throughout NYC, performing at Venues such as The Hive, The Tank, and St. Paul’s Theater. In 2017 he Co-Created “SadDude Productions”,a YouTube Sketch Comedy channel. in March of 2019, Rory appeared in One Year Lease’s production of “Eat The Devil”, written by Dan Nuxoll and Nadja Leonard-Hooper and directed by Nick Flint”. As an artist, Rory is drawn to stories that explore the awkward, uncomfortable aspects of the human experience- the things that everyone goes through but no one wants to talk about- in a thoughtful, clever, and humorous manner.